Brainstorm – Smile a while! Add a little Jazz fusion to your day.


So, this is a nice and snazzy little number to start your weekend with. Sure, its Jazz fusion, but it adds some Prog with a dash of Zappa for spice.

We start this album with the gettin-ready-to-hit-the-town fun of Das Schwein Trugt (above), and then track two  Zwick Zwick eases us into the rest of the album. Though the album is mostly instrumental, a couple tracks offer quirky song structures, the very short “Watch Time Flow By” and a couple short sections in the long title track, while “Snakeskin Tango” has someone moaning in anguish and the middle section of “Bosco Biati Weiss Alles” contains strange wordless vocal drones.

The musicianship is fantastic on this album, which helps them with their rock dissin’, loose fluid jazz, and intensely  humorous high levels of energy. I wouldn’t call it experimental – its more what I said above:  getting reading to hit the town music. That is if you’re into the funky 70′;s groove.

Although most of their albums are instrumental, their eccentric sense of humour surfaces at times in the form of quirky vocalizations à la MOTHERS OF INVENTION and GONG (they once called themselves FASHION PRICKS but got into a bit of trouble when they tried to sign a record deal, so they switched to FASHION PINK and then eventually became BRAINSTORM). The core of the band is made up of a trio of schoolmates with conservatory training: Roland Schaeffer on sax, vibraphone, guitar, bass and vocals; Eddy von Overheidt on organ, piano and vocals; and Joe Koinzer on drums and percussion.”



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Studio Album, released in 1972

– Eddy van Overheidt / keyboards, vocals
– Rainer Bodensohn / flutes, bass
– Roland Schaffer / saxes, clarinet, bass, guitars
– Joe Koinzer / drums
– Harold Wagner / bass on 7, 8 and 9

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Das Schwein Truegt (4:40)
2. Zwick Zwick (4:40)
3. Watch Time Flow By (1:29)
4. Bosco Biati WeiB Alles (8:59)
5. Snakeskin Tango (2:20)
6. Smile A While (15:34)
7. You Are What’s Gonna Make It Last (live) (3:31)
8. Don’t Forget (live) (0:25)
9. Thesen & Antithesen (live) (14:01)
10. Einzug Der Elefanten (4:09)
11. You Knock Me Out (3:03)

Total Time: 60:24