Biglietto per l’Inferno: Italian Prog takes the world by storm – eventually!

Biglietto per l’Inferno (literally ticket to hell) is an Italian progressive rock band whose album Biglietto per l’Inferno, in spite of the limited success it scored in the 1970s, is today considered a cornerstone of the genre.

Biglietto per l’Inferno’s members were from Lecco, Lombardy, coming from the bands Mako Sharks and Gee. The year 1972 marked the band’s first concerts. In 1974 the band released their eponymous LP, a mixture of hard rock and progressive sounds. The most prominent instruments in the record were Marco Mainetti’s guitar and Giuseppe Cossa’s keyboards. Claudio Canali,the lead singer, also played flute. The lyrics Canali wrote for the song “Confessione” were about a murder: despite the band’s name, meaning “Ticket to Hell”, the lyrics have no references to hell or demonic themes – (except the quote “What do you say, brother – you have murdered? (…) I cannot save you from the eternal fire, you only have a ticket to hell“). The other songs feature lyrics dealing with social and psychological themes.


Their debut is considered a small jewel, blending symphonic prog with hard rock. Influences range from GENTLE GIANT, to JETHRO TULL and BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO.


This great iconic band is back at the moment and touring.  From the website (excuse the poor translation)

Who remembers them? One must have exceeded fifty. Or learn about the history of Italian progressive music and if someone hears the name “Ticket to Hell” will surely jump on the chair.


Yes, because the “ticket” is back!

For the uninitiated The Ticket to Hell is a musical group Lecco ’70s with a unique history and was critically acclaimed and also had some success but, after publication of a single album in 1974 (then there was only vinyl 33 rpm!), broke up.

The legendary album, unavailable, is the subject of collection and is considered one of the rare (and beautiful!) the history of the prog Italian, and among the 100 largest (by year) of rock in the world.

Why do so again? Because the Group has been reconstituted with some of the old elements, with the addition of new musicians, and with a new name, “Ticket to Hell. Folk” that is to seal the maturation of the group that brings him back to the origins of music , folk music, the same rock from which, 35 years ago, drew its lymph progressive.


A big comeback with the presence of historians and Mauro Cossa Pilly Gnecchi, blessing (it must be said) by Fra ‘Claudio (Claudio Channels per century) and new elements: the multi-instrumentalists Renata Tomasella, Ranieri “Spider” and Carlo Fumagalli Redi, Henry Fagnoni bassist, guitarist and singer Franco Giaffreda Mariolina room to which the honor and the burden, but also and above all, the pleasure of reviving the texts of Channels.

The myth of the ticket can now be savored live with arrangements, sounds and atmospheres that add beauty to the magic of songs and Channels Cossa had conceived then, and over time will remain an indelible mark in the history of Italian prog.


With this new formation the “ticket” has published the CD “Between the absurd and the reason”: the boys are no longer than 35 years ago, but still manage to pull off the explosive energy of rock “contaminated” by the richness of timbre and creativity of traditional folk music.



The current lineup:


Joseph “Pilly” Cossa: diatonic accordion, harmonica, keyboards

Mauro Gnecchi: drums and percussion

Henry Fagnoni: bass, electric bass and acoustic bass

Franco Giaffreda: electric guitar and acoustic guitar

Renata Tomasella: fife, flute, ocarina and voice

Ranieri “Spider” Fumagalli: bagpipes, flutes and ocarinas

Carlo Redi: violin and mandolin

Mariolina Hall: vocals


I can’t belive this classic band is out and about again.  Brilliant wonderful stuff!