Cathedral Live – AWESOME!

Well – I’ve now attended my first metal concert! And I have to say, it was much better than I expected – and I had high hopes.

My only disappointment in the night was only one song from Forrest of Equilibrium was played and I was really there for the doom metal.

But hey, it’s not Cathedrals fault that I was 19 years too late for that.

It was exciting to be part of the crowd who looked like 50% stoner and 50% out-of-towner metal mix.  I got some strange stares an the odd brave lad approached me to be warmly sent on his way, but other than that the crowd left me alone,  thrilled to be there, free to nod hard and swirl row after row of waist length hair in personal mind-fuckd crop circles. Air fisting and devil horned thuds were at the heart of the crowds movements, and I confess to finding myself getting into the spirit of this more than once.

Their later style music still has the basic trappings of metal, but its got solid beats behind it – at times almost dipping into a vague jazz slide, and at others a rarefied disco base. I love that pulsing hard-stepping heart thud of doom. I took to it as soon as I heard it, and I was blessed with hearing it live tonight by one of the worlds greatest bands of the genre.



I don’t know much about Cathedral, and after tonight there won’t be much more to know because this is their swan song. I’m so glad I caught them – I just know this will be a night I remember for a long time and will be glad I attended.

When I am not so tired (and not so deaf – note to self – take ear plugs next time) I will happily go into some detail about why I have taken so deeply to metal and what it is that I love about it. Till then, I’m off to bed to enjoy the beautiful sounds that intense music has left throbbing in my brain.