I’m going to see Cathedral tonight – My first ever metal concert!

I was introduced to Metal around a year and a half ago now, and I decided it was time to brave my first ever metal concert. I am a total newbie, so I will be taking all those prejudices and outsider fears with me, in the firm hope of having them debunked. I do know I like doom – I’ve worked that out already and these guys are right there at the start of that phase.

Cathedral are a doom metal band from Coventry, England. The group forged a link between early doom metal and a 1990s extreme metalaesthetic, making doom slower and heavier. Their debut album, Forest of Equilibrium, is considered a classic of the genre.  They later on changed their doom style, playing it in a more uptempo and groove-oriented fashion. After releasing nine full-length albums and touring extensively for nearly three decades, Cathedral announced in February 2011 that they have decided to call it quits. Before the split, the band expect to release their final album, The Last Spire, in 2012.  I will be attending their final tour.  I figured that was a good place to start.

I’m assuming on a final tour they’ll play some of the extreme stuff from the old days, but there will be some recent ‘light relief’ so they can break my cherry gentle-like. We’ll see.  Oh – I won’t be stoned either!

I’m not sure what the metal crowd will make of a four-foot eleven remarkably clean-looking little girl attending alone, but I am sure of one thing.
They will be more scared of me than I am of them.
I will be blogging about this when I get home.