Art that goes deep, not broad.

Someone very precious to me introduced me to the diverse music styles on this blog. When he saw the effect of the music on me, he generously gave me the (at the time) entire music file on his computer. That turned out to be eight DVD discs filled to bursting with lists, collections, and random tid bits he’d been gleaning through his excellent taste in the previous few months.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to meet up with other musicians (mostly sound artists and music writers) who have made suggestions to me based on my taste that have taken me deeper and deeper into the music that has now come to mean everything to me. I feel that I am on this heady journey that winds its way deeper into each of the tendrils gifted me in that original (incredible to me)  connection, each twist and turn of the tentacle taking me into a new aspect of myself.

I was listening to an interview with one of my current favorite authors (Joshua Cohen) where he was speaking about why he spends as little time as possible on the net.  He updates a website, but that is about it. I’ve recently dramatically reduced my internet use – simply because I need to write, and I can’t afford to be distracted. Joshua Cohen said something very interesting – he said the net feeds some of his worst habits, one of which is to move too broadly over topics.  He claimed being off the net reminded him to go deep. I discussed this with a few creative friends, and discoverd a universal agreement.  Depth is what matters in the creation of art.

I have found this to be accurate in my enjoyment of music. The deeper I go into each and every album, the richer the rewards.  I can’t go deep into everything of course (and that is the very desire one has to give up) so I have to be fussy about where the concentration takes me. Recently, its been sound art, and you will have seen an increase of that on the blog. But I find it is the same with the other art forms that feed my creative drive. The longer I sit, the more I am willing to meditate if you will, the better placed I am to release the unique inside of me.

And as for the connections and the depth at which I allow myself to be touched, Jonthan Franzen said “You have to love before you can be relentless.”

How remarkably true that is.