Doubleheart – Salsa Apocalypto makes me wanna dance dance dance.

Get a load of this cool dance mix from Doubleheart, a hybrid of JD Twitch and Neil Landstrumm that is intentionally as modern as they can make it. This is a more esoteric dance combos out at the moment. Piccadilly Records had this to say about salsa:  “The track is a glooped-out swirl of electrohouse that jams on a particularly twisted variety of wavelengths. What strikes initially is the oscillating breakdown, but once inside the blender we are subjected to beady, drizzled percussion and six different shades of fire. Flipside cut ‘Ache’ gets on a 90s rave tip, albeit one that’s been spliced and diced through a laptop trickery mincer. ”


This little double-sided number dropped into our laps around mid November last year, so (as usual) we’re a little behind the time here. Nonplus apparently had a great year last year and if this is anything to go by, I’m going to have a wonderful time exploring the label.

The above track ‘Salsa’ uses mechanical congas as the base for the track (which for me also gives it that ‘I have to get up and dance’ appeal)  and the oscillating bass and sirens that made it large, but at the same time restrained. So it doesn’t grate – that was what I liked. Sirens moved more into the salsa rhythm, really working to tone them down and sandwich the lot into a coherent tumble. Apparently this is very ‘now’, so those of you in the search for uber cool – get it while its hot.

Ache (the first track posted above) is more toned down than Salsa with more of a house tempo and thick bass slabs. This track has those neat echoing vocal fragments however and that rhythm guitar which place a nice little bridge between the Jamaican dub influence and contempo bass.

I’m not normally into ‘dance’ music, but this really caught my eye.  I’ve added it to my playlist for the week- I’ll be jiving on the train.  Get it here.