Issue: Moonroof makes me love cars


When I am not a writer / reviewer I am a bookkeeper.  One of my clients is a mechanics garage that deals only in top line European sports vehicles. We see a lot of classy cars in that workshop and I often get to ‘test drive’ – an activity that tends to fill me more with terror than thrill, but does awaken some deep level understanding of the appeal of a decent car. However, none of that turned me onto cars like Issue’s Moonroof.

Download the tracks here.

What a freakin’ great album.

I’m ok with rap, but I have to confess it has to be special to grab my attention. For me it gets repetitive and the lyrics need something besides ‘naughty school boy’ for it to grab me. (wake up everyone – naughty school boy is so boring) Fortunately, quite a lot of this genre fits the bill and there are some really exciting rap performers out there. I guess when E-40 is your dad  and Droop-E is your brother (not to mention the astounding pedigree coming at you from the extended family) you’re likely to produce something that is high quality and just a little out of the bag.


I love these tracks. The low-key backhanded manner adds a new level of sophistication to the weird amaturish music he has been making. Present here is  a hyper masculanised warmth and sensitivity with an extra dimension added through the overdubbing and adlibs. Tracks like Dale Earnhardt, New and Window’s Down are just brilliant.  There’s an experimental style being played with, elevating the tracks from the expected. Expect a lot of car talk, and a lot of car noise. But really – it works in a way you don’t expect.


Listening to ISSUE’s work is like viewing a showing of the works of Picasso’s grandson. This is a work of art from a member of one of rap’s truly legendary families. However, scouting around the net I can’t find much written up about it.   I noticed WIRE have it listed on their 336 Office Ambiance section, so I’m hoping it gets a little more attention.

Either way, you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy a couple of my fav’s here and you can grab the entire album here.