Hobo Cubes – Modern synth with a touch of inner peace.

I know we all love Hobo Cubes. I know they are popular. At least in the avant-garde scene theyr’e popular. Well, there’s a reason for that. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hobo Cubes, or are, but love them like I do, here is a bit of a smapler from Soundcloud and around and about for your pleasure. When you feel like a step away from the everyday, this is a great place to start.

Frank Ouellette offers up a synth soundtrack to a forgotten X-Files episode, where Mulder and Scully laze around the Area-51 am/pm and talk backwards about dolphins. Fantastic display of synth control by this modern master.

From KEXP article by Justin Spicer:

Montreal has found itself the ant under the magnifying glass. Fidgety children, bored from the summer’s heat, have trained their steely gaze upon the French-Canadian hub. They are hungry for something new from the pop-centric city, largely unaware of what lurks beneath the golden anthill. For below the likes of Montreal’s biggest musical contributions burns a scene far more intense, daring, and exquisite. The ants beneath the surface are immune to the solar ray of the bored children, for they have forged a molten core hotter than any glass can project.

It is here where Frank Ouellette has fashioned Hobo Cubes. The name strikes fear but those who find themselves able to stomach such a frightful image will be rewarded with music as graceful as the Montreal internationally-recognized reputation. Timeless/Mindless (released via Seattle’s very own Debacle Records) shimmers with all the elegance of Montreal without the penchant for extravagance. The fires of hype that blaze Montreal streets find their kindling deep within Ouellette’s latest. Despite its easy-on-the-ears palette of synth, Timeless/Mindless burns with passion. Ouellette doesn’t rely on the instrument in the same vein that likeminded artists have in recent years. The inherent spaced sounds aren’t used to connect terrestrial with galactic; the melodies are grounded in recognizable melody and flourished nuance. Drone is not the product but an instrument. Timeless/Mindless is a loving embrace; the anticipation before a romantic kiss and a healthy bedroom romp. It’s the fire of the soul, not of exposure. To be wrapped in the arms of Timeless/Mindless as Montreal turns to ember under a blinding spotlight would be heavenly. It is bliss.

Timeless / Mindless can be purchased through Debacle Records here.