Trent Parke: The Christmas Tree Bucket

The Christmas tree Bucket is a collection of suburban Australian Christmas photogrpahs taken by Magnum photographer, Trent Parke. I went to a lecture given by Trent Parke about this collection and other works a few years back when the exhibition was current.

The story behind the above photograph goes, Trent came home ‘unwell’ around Christmas time and proceeded to throwup iinto a bucket he found in the laundry. When his mother-in-law cried out “don’t use that one!  It’s the Christmas tree bucket” Trent cried to his wife to get the camera. The above is her photograph and the bleow are the rest of the collection Trent took out of that moment.

This is Christmas at its darkest. Ausralian gothic in Adelaide suburbia.



For more images, take a look at The Christmas Tree Bucket #2 here.