Sun Ra: the sun always rises

“What’s the difference between a man and a human being?”

In early 1971 Sun Ra was artist-in-residence at University of California, Berkeley, teaching a course called “The Black Man In the Cosmos”. Rather few students enrolled but the classes were often full of curious persons from the surrounding community. One half-hour of each class was devoted to a lecture (complete with handouts and homework assignments), the other half-hour to an Arkestra performance or Sun Ra keyboard solo. Reading lists included the works of Madame Blavatsky and Henry Dumas, the Book of the Dead, Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons, The Book of Oahspe and assorted volumes concerning Egyptian hieroglyphs, African American folklore, and other topics.


Here is an interview done with Sun Ra the same year:



Here is a snippet of the man’s music (UGH – holy christ this is divine!):




And here is a link to one of  the Berkeley Lectures.

Sun Ra The Berkeley Lectures


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