Midge Ure

I’m in an 80’s mood today so I wanted to toss in two of my favourite 80’s songs.

Remarkably both of these have the phenomenal Midge Ure at their nexus.

I happen to think Vienna was one of the most progressive songs of the 80’s – or at least the early 80’s period. It was Ultravox’s highest charting success, although kept off the #1 spot (bizarrely) by Joe Dolce’s ‘Shuddap you face’.

(Yes I’m sure we’re all proud of giving that song so much commercial success now)

The iconic song was inspired by Carol Reed’s 1949 film The Third Man, the closing scene of which is pretty much one of the coolest things to ever happen on the silver screen.

The other song which I happen to love (but can’t be said to be as important) was Visage’s brilliant, Fade to Grey.

Ure was with Ultravox and Visage at the time, wrote the lyrics for Fade to Grey and claimed to have been responsible for the French vocal – thought this is disputed. Ure leaves Visage to concentrate on Ultravox eventually.

It doesn’t pack the punch of Vienna, but I’ve got a soft spot for this one.


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