I am happy to review the following:

Please email all review requests to: sendlisamessage(at)gmail(dot)com

Books – Literary style, I prefer not to review genre. I have to allocate time carefully, and genre (romance, horror, sci-fi, detective, bizzarro etc) is not my strong suit, as I do not normally read these kinds of books. I am happy to review self-published works. 

Music – Avant-garde and experimental music highly prefered. Best to take a look at what I am reviewing to see if I can review your work. 

Theatre – Because of time constraints, I stay in the inner west, inner city, and inner east of Sydney for my reviewing. But please feel free to contact me, because I will travel for work of an experimental or philosophical nature. 

Film – I cover a lot of main stream releases, but I am available to watch indie screeners or undistributed films, especially if experimental or philosophical. 

Festivals – Happy to cover film, music, book and cultural festivals.

If any artist sees themselves represented here in a way that does not make them feel supported, please contact me to have posts removed.